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Julian Assange sues the government of Ecuador, which harbors him for six years

Because of the violation of his rights and freedoms.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange accused the government of Ecuador, which gives him political asylum at the embassy in the UK, in violation of his “fundamental rights and freedoms”. This is stated in the statement of the organization.

Wikileaks lawyer Baltasar Garzon (Baltasar Garzon) arrived in Ecuador to formally file a lawsuit. His consideration is expected after October 22.

The lawsuit states that the Ecuadorian government actually forbade anyone to visit Assange, except for rare meetings with lawyers, blocked his access to the telephone and the Internet, and also threatened to annul the protection provided to him.

According to the embassy protocol, those who want to see the founder of WikiLeaks must provide personal data, including serial numbers and IMEI codes of devices, as well as names on social networks. Ecuador reserves the right to transfer this data to “other institutions”.

Assange has been at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012. He fears extradition to the United States in the case of the disclosure of secret data. If the founder of WikiLeaks leaves the territory of the diplomatic mission, the UK police will be able to detain him under a valid warrant.

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