Architecture: China’s Lone Metro Station

Beauty inside.

The Chinese subway is one of the fastest growing in the world, although it appeared only in 1993. Already in 2007, it opened 92 kilometers of tracks with 70 stations. The total length of the network of underground trains exceeds 500 kilometers. Due to such rapid growth, some stations were in areas where there is no appropriate infrastructure.

In 2015, the Caojiawan station, located in the Beibei area, opened on the sixth line of the Shanghai Metro. Two years later, journalists and bloggers paid attention to it : the modern building was surrounded by jungles and weeds. In 2018 Twitter again zavirusilis photo station, nicknamed “the most lonely in the world.”

Due to the low workload at Caojiawan, only one exit is open, which leads to a dirt path. The station is not connected to any city road or municipal highway, so residents get to it on their own. According to local media, various Chinese statements are engaged in the construction of roads and subways. In the future, this place is planning to open a residential area.

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