Apple sent out invitations to the presentation on October 30th. Journalists believe they will show Macbooks and iPads

The company may provide a “cheap” replacement for the Macbook Air, which has not received serious updates for several years.

October 30, Apple will hold a second major presentation in two months. Journalists received an invitation with the slogan “There’s more in the making”.

This time the company sent out several variations of invitations and journalists have not yet come to a common opinion how to interpret them. The media consider theillustrations to be a hint that Apple will present devices for professionals.

Variations of invitations from Apple. Screenshot The Verge

It is expected that the company will introduce a new iPad Pro with reduced frames around the screen, without the “home” button and with Face ID – icons with such iPads were found in iOS 12. According to rumors, the Lightning connector will be replaced with USB-C in new iPads.

The icon of a possible new iPad without a frame and the “home” button (on the right)

In addition, Apple may show a new MacBook, which will replace the long-unimproved Air. According to sources, it will be a 12-inch laptop with reduced frames around the screen and a Retina-display. However, analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, known for accurate predictions, clarified that the device would not be an update to the Air line, but its alternative.

Journalists are also waiting for a serious Mac Mini update. Analysts reported that Apple is going to present its “professional” version with a price “much higher” than the current 500 dollars (about 37 thousand rubles).

Editors of some publications are hoping for clarification of the situation with the AirPower wireless charging mat, which recently disappeared from the Apple site. According to sources, the company has not been able to bring the device to the promised functionality and either release it with other features, or delay the release for a long time.

The company can also present a minor update of AirPods headphones with a new chip, an improved Bluetooth module and moisture protection. However, the media believe that they can hardly be bought before 2019.

In contrast to the presentation of iPhones, the event in October will take place not at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, but at Howard Gilman’s opera house in Brooklyn. Since 2012, Apple has held presentations in October four times: in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016. The company introduced new MacBooks, iMacs, iPads or Mac Mini.

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