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An American student robbed the same sporting goods store twice in three months, stealing seven right-sneakers

And at home they found a sweatshirt with a print “Call my lawyer” (so that he tells you that there are more leftists too?).

Manuel Carlos Ramirez-Godoy

The police of the city of Roanoke (US Virginia) October 14 left to trigger an alarm in the store Clean Soles, which sells sportswear and shoes. Upon arrival at the scene, the police found a broken shop window, and soon a cash register, a backpack, 18 T-shirts, 20 pairs of sports shoes and other goods worth more than $ 5,000 were found behind the store building. At the same time, the white Nissan pickup , plying around the zone where the loot was discovered.

Behind his wheel was a 21-year-old student named Manuel Carlos Ramirez-Godoy (Manuel Carlos Ramirez-Godoy), whose student ID was found in a backpack thrown at the crime scene. Spying on him led law enforcement officers to his apartment. Here, the police found 7 Nike Air Jordan sneakers of different colors, two of which had shop labels, and a sweatshirt with a Call My Lawyer print (“Call my lawyer”). Whether Godoy has a lawyer is unknown.

For a year, they accused of theft on a large scale, hacking with penetration, obstruction of justice, destruction of property and possession of hacking tools. In addition, he was charged with the July robbery of the same store when he was filmed by a surveillance camera. The police will also have to find out if Godoy is involved in the third Clean Soles robbery that occurred in August 2018.

According to the store owner Rob Wickham (Rob Wickham), he always puts on the showcase only the right shoe, and the left stores behind the counter. As a result of the July and August robberies, a total of 13 right sneakers and other sportswear were stolen.

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