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A meme clickbate appeared on Twitter, masking the campaign. When it was used by journalists, I had to apologize

Elle magazine recognized as a “bad joke” a fake announcement about the separation of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Before the mid-term elections in the United States, which will be held on November 6, journalists, politicians and celebrities strongly urge the audience to show citizenship. In order to increase the efficiency of the transition to the website for voters, on Twitter they began to use clickbate tactics bordering on “rikrolling”.

With the classic “ rikrolling ”, the one who gets the link to anything, when clicking on it, discovers the clip “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. Twitter users began to hide the link to the site under the abbreviations (the real address is not visible) and click on the heading titles – they “do not agree” on the essence of the information and force them to click.

Supporters of the clickbate campaign believe that they are doing a useful job and attract the attention of young people to the elections. It was launched by the SMM-manager of the private university Marquette Tim Siegelski.

“Wow, I can’t believe why Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up”
Sigelski’s tweet became viral, and this kind of clickback spread on the social network.

“Well … it’s official … Kim Kardashian finally decided to part with Kanye West”

“Does everyone here pay more than $ 300 for textbooks?” I paid $ 50 for all my books. Do not overlook this link.

“Oh my God, I cannot believe that this is the REAL reason why Kanye visits Uganda”
Some Twitter users actually registered as voters due to clickbate.

“It is because of this tweet that I stopped beating around and around and still did it”
The American editors of fashion magazine Elle tried to intercept the trend. The link in the tweet also leads to the site for voters.

However, Elle faced criticism from Twitter users for cheating and using clickbate, which are contrary to the principles of quality journalism.

“Major Media Companies: Don’t Do It”

“This link leads to the voter registration page. No, I do not mind people being registered. But publications should not promote misinformation in order for people to do this. Information environment and so seriously polluted ”

“It is nonsense. What do you think you will achieve by this? And you know what? The same person can be a savvy citizen and interested in rumors about celebrities. You are capable of more

“This is not clever – this is the use of the situation. There are smarter options to do this [call for registration at the elections] without lying in a situation where faith in the media is so insanely low. ”
As a result, Elle editors apologized for the “bad joke”. But the initial clickbate tweet has not yet been deleted.

“We have a bad joke. Our desire to call for registration at the elections has overshadowed our judgment – and we sincerely regret ”

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