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A girl in Canada came to sell cookies to the store with marijuana. 30 packs sold in 45 minutes

How to make money when only cannabis was legalized in the country.

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Since October 17, Canada legalized marijuana, which can be stored and used for recreational purposes. The first cannabis shops were opened , in which queues of people willing to try legal weed were lined up. One girl from Edmonton figured out how to make money from it.

As the buyers of the Nova Cannabis store told , in the morning a young businesswoman came to the queue who wanted to buy marijuana. She was in the form of a girl scout and took three large boxes of cookies with her. According to her father, several passing cars even stopped to buy a few packs.


“God bless the girl who sells cookies near the cannabis shop”

“We were well received,” said the girl’s father. According to him, they planned to sell cookies in advance, and after legalization they realized how successful this idea was. But he did not expect buyers to disassemble 30 boxes of cookies in 45 minutes. In total, she earned more than 120 dollars.

Never seen anything like it. People said it was a great idea, some said she did a great job.

We used this as an opportunity to tell her what marijuana is and that it is now legal in Canada. 

girl’s father
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