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A couple of Americans visited six Disneylands per day to celebrate their wedding decade

They had to fly four thousand kilometers and visit two time zones.

A pair of US Heather and Clark Enshineer managed to visit six Disneylands on two coasts per day to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the wedding. They visited four parks in Orlando (Florida) and two in Anheim (California).

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On October 16, the Associated Press reported that the Enshineers are planning to visit six Disneylands. After that, various media outlets constantly contacted the couple, and the film crew of Disneyland stopped them for an interview. In addition, visitors to the parks were constantly trying to communicate with them, having learned from the news. The Ensmirers themselves told about their movements on the Facebook page.

To implement the plans, the couple had to fly 4 thousand kilometers and change two time zones. It took them about 20 hours. The couple arrived at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at 6:15 am on October 17th. They were the first who was allowed there after opening at 7 am. Two hours later, they went to the park “Epcot”, and by 10:30 the couple arrived at the park “Magic Kingdom”. By lunchtime, they got to Animal Kingdom, from where they headed for the airport.

The plane landed at Los Angeles Airport at 6:45 pm Pacific Daylight Time. An hour later, the couple reached Disney California Adventure Park in Anheim. After that, they headed to Disneyland, where they left at 11:30 pm.

Initially, the trip was planned to mark the tenth anniversary of the wedding of spouses. However, at the same time, it became a reminder of a sad event: the death of Heather’s father. In 2017, a few days before the Ensmainers traveled to Disneyland Florida, he had a heart attack.

Clark began to plan a trip in secret from his wife. But Heather found out about the trip anyway – the bank informed her that Clark used points from the account to pay part of the trip.

A couple of months ago I was worried about the anniversary of the death of my father. And my husband began to plan a [new] journey without telling me.

Heather Ensminer
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