The Japanese made the thinnest and lightest phone. But you hardly want to buy it.

The Japanese company Kyocera has created a phone KY-O1L. According to the manufacturer, this is the easiest and thinnest mobile phone in the world. With a thickness of 5.3 mm, it weighs only 47 grams.

The new Kyocera phone is as thick as a credit card and can be carried in a wallet

Unfortunately, the dignity of the apparatus ends there: it will be very difficult to use it every day in modern realities. The device has a small 2.8-inch screen, and it is black and white – made using electronic ink technology. This should save battery consumption, because the battery is tiny at all – only 380 mAh. There is no camera on the phone, but the device supports the LTE standard.

Despite the limited functionality, KY-O1L will cost as a smartphone of the middle segment – about $ 300.

By the way, back in 2016, Motorola released a phone with a thickness of 5.2 mm. It was a Moto Z model.

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