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Sorry, but Blizzard won’t show Diablo 4 on BlizzCon 2018

In early November, once again in the United States will host a festival of game universes Blizzard. The company decided to slightly open the veil over what fans expect from him. And opaquely hinted that rumors about the imminent announcement of Diablo 4 are slightly exaggerated.

The developers have noted that they are working on several projects on the Diablo universe at once. They are at different stages of readiness, but certainly there should not be any big announcements at the nearest event. After all, it takes a lot of time to play good games, and even more on “evil” about Diablo. Some projects will be shown at this game show, but the announcement of others will take place when the right time comes for that.

At BlizzCon 2018, however, we are all waiting for the release of Diablo III for Nintendo Switch and a detailed announcement of the animated series on the Diablo universe.

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