Schröder was supposed to destroy Banksy’s The Girl with the Ball picture, but something didn’t work.

It worked out at all rehearsals.

Rehearsal at Banksy

Banksy revealed the details of what happened at the Sotheby’s auction, where the painting “The Girl with a Balloon” self-destructed immediately after the sale for $ 1.4 million.

In the “director’s version” of the stock on Banksy’s YouTube channel, the process of constructing a frame with a shredder embedded in it is shown and it is said that he had to destroy the picture not half, but completely. “It worked on all rehearsals,” explained the artist.

“Director’s version” of the action in Sotheby’s: from preparation to implementation

In the instagram Banksy confirmed that the staff of the Sotheby’s auction did not really participate in the preparation of the action and did not know what would happen.

Despite the fact that the picture was spoiled by a shredder, the collector did not refuse to buy it and paid 1.4 million dollars. The work was given a new name: “The Girl with the Ball” turned into “Love is in the trash.”

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