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Photo: Queuing for marijuana in Canada on the first day of its legalization

The first customers were greeted as if they had come for new iPhones.

The queue for marijuana in Calgary. AP Photo

October 17 in Canada came into force a law allowing adult residents to use, store and grow marijuana for recreational purposes. Canada became the second country in the world to legalize cannabis – Uruguay was the first in 2013. There are restrictions in the law: you can buy no more than 30 grams, and you can grow no more than four bushes.

Canada has been preparing for legalization since June 2018, when the law was passed. On this occasion, Toronto police asked residents to no longer call them with complaints from neighbors who grow cannabis or smell marijuana.

On the day the law came into force, 111 official cannabis stores opened in the country. Some points opened at exactly midnight, others in the morning of October 17th. In many cities in front of the shops lined up queues of the first buyers. According to journalists, the number of people in queues reached several hundred people.

Not everyone bought cannabis for entertainment – some customers simply wanted to take part in a historic moment. “Probably, I will not even smoke it. Just save as a souvenir, ”- said a resident of Quebec in the queue. Other people were happy that now they could finally get “weed” without fear of going to prison.

Queue for marijuana in Montreal. AFP Photo
The queue for marijuana in Halifax. CTV Photos
The queue for marijuana in Edmonton. Photo Global News
The queue in the province of Nova Scotia. Reddit’s Photo
Queue in Saskatchewan. Reddit’s Photo

The first buyer of legal marijuana in the history of the country was Ian Power (Ian Power), who entered the store of St. John at 00:01 on October 17. After him, “weed” bought a girl named Nikki Rose (Nikki Rose). At the entrance, they were met by journalists, the entire staff of the store, and the first acquisitions were issued by the head of the marijuana medical company Canopy Growth Corporation.

Photo by Chris Watty, Reuters
Photo by Paul Delhi, The Canadian Press

Local celebrities came to the opening of marijuana shops . For example, Canadian musician Ashley Masisaak, who was arrested in 2001 for possession of a soft drug. “Now you don’t have to break the law, and this is a wonderful feeling. My new dealer is the prime minister! ”He added.

I have never been so proud of being a Canadian. Canada has once again proved itself to be a progressive world leader. We respect the rights of the LGBT community, the right to abortion, the rights of feminists. And now we can smoke weed without worrying that we will be arrested.

Marco Boillo
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