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Panasonic came up with blinkers for office plankton to concentrate on work

Design Studio Future Life Factory (one of the divisions of Panasonic) demonstrated Wear Space – blinders for people who want to isolate themselves from the noise of the openspace-office and focus on work completely. A special design is put on the head and not only narrows the viewing angle, but also protects the owner from loud colleagues through noise-canceling headphones.

These same headphones can be used as ordinary wireless headphones. They support Bluetooth communication. Themselves the blinders by 60 degrees reduce the viewing angle of the owner.

At the moment, through the Japanese crowdfunding platform GreenFunding is collecting money for the production of shor. There, the price of the device starts at $ 260.

At the beginning of the century, Hugo Gernsbek (the founder of the first NF journal, whose name bears the Hugo Book Award), tried to solve the problem of concentration of attention. So, in 1925, he published a photo of himself at work in the “Isolator” helmet, which blocked all extraneous sounds and narrowed the field of view.

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