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It’s the Doc 2’s fault! “Experts” accuse video games of the shaky psyche of the Kerch shooter

After any tragedy, the search for the guilty begins. If the tragedy is connected with teenagers and murders, then computer games are often to blame for the statements of the newly-made “experts”. So the Kerch tragedy was the reason to blame some kind of the game “Doka 2”, where the player allegedly could pull the guts out of opponents for 10 minutes into the shaky psyche of the criminal. Russian MPs have already joined the criticism of games.

Thus, expert Philip Gross-Dneprov (co-founder of the REG.RU hosting company) was invited to broadcast on the Vesti FM radio station. He linked the tragedy in Kerch with the unknown game “Doka 2”:

– It is allowed in Russia. From 18 years and older. Although it is clear that he played this game in 13, 14, 15 years. We have many children playing it. This is a game where you kill zombies. Or you yourself are a zombie. You kill people in the most sophisticated ways. There you can invent your own locality. You can come up with the same school, just blow it up, kill it. But there is a more sophisticated situation. You are given various weapons. There is a special weapon that allows you to pull out the guts for 10 minutes.

– I’m shocked at all about what it is. I did not know, the co-host said in surprise.

Frankly, they did not know about the existence of such a game and the gamers themselves. “Expert” uses Twitter, where they tried to explain to him that he blew out fierce nonsense on the air and tries to earn popularity on the tragedy through his incompetence. But the expert was already unstoppable. In response, he called all gamers a “clan of oligophrenics,” complained that there was no special dress for such people yet, and dragged some level with pedophile elves.

More restrained, but with criticism in the direction of the video game was made by the deputy of the Russian State Duma Yevgeny Marchenko. He noted that teenage killers were often seen in a passion for violent computer games. And this hobby provokes teenagers to crimes.

– It is necessary to close sites on the Internet related to computer games. It is necessary to prohibit them and close them so that young people do not break their psyche, ” he said in a commentary to the Petersburg Diary .

He believes that gamers in educational institutions should be monitored, and some games should be banned.

True, it was in his comments and rational. In particular, he proposed to tighten the weapons legislation, to establish a more reliable filter “from mentally abnormal and asocial people.”

The author of a book about shooting at the American school “Columbine”, which devoted a decade to studying the tragedy and searching for its causes, noted in a recent interview with Medusa that even the secret services found no correlation between computer games and maniacs.

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