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An expert “Vesti FM” about the game “Doka 2”, which allegedly played a student from Kerch

The name is similar to Dota 2, but the description is completely different.

The expert of Vesti FM radio station and co-owner of domain registrar Philip Gross-Dneprov spoke about the preferences of the student who attacked the college in Kerch. He described the game “Doc 2”, in which it is possible to “kill people” in “sophisticated ways”, “take out guts for 10 minutes” and do it “in the scenery of the school”.

This is a game where you kill a zombie, or you yourself are a zombie. And you kill people in sophisticated ways. That is, you can come up with the same school, just blow it up. But there you do not make a bomb, you can use different weapons – you can make a trade. Why is called “Doc Trade” – there is a trade with various weapons.

Philip Gross-Dnipro
Vesti FM radio station expert

What kind of game says Gross Dnipro – a mystery. The name is similar to Dota 2, but there are no zombies in it and you can’t kill people. For gameplay – on Left 4 Dead, where you can not let go of the guts and shoot at the scenery of the school. The expert did not provide any other data.

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