“Yes, there is work for five minutes.” The photographer showed retouching for 25 cents, $ 5 and $ 10 per shot.

Everyone can use “photoshop” – no special skills are needed, the main thing is to understand how to start it and have a sense of beauty. Calibrated monitor, knowledge of the basics of photography – this is too much. Professional photographer Irene Rudnyk from Canada decided to check how freelancers who need a different amount of money for their work will cope with the work.

Iren Rudnyk

To do this, she used the popular site, choosing as performers three people, writes BoredPanda. One asked for a snapshot of funny 25 cents, the second – $ 5, the third – quite tangible ten bucks. $ 10 – not the top bracket, but this price tag can not be called low.

Photo proposed for processing

Everyone got the same picture with the task to make the colors more expressive, warmer, emphasize the eyes, work with the skin, add red color to the hair for harmony with the background. The results are obvious.

Work for 25 cents

This was priced at $ 5.
This was priced at $ 5.


This one is at $ 10.


The vision of Irene herself.


Recall that sometimes quite masterpieces happen , but this is more likely an exception.

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