Winners of the contest Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018

The world of wildlife through the eyes of photographers from different countries, including Russia.

Winner in the nomination “Urban Wildlife”, author Felix Heintzenberg

On October 17, the Museum of Natural History in London summed up the annual photo contest Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018. Photographers from all over the world could take part in the competition. Among the best works were photographs of members of the Union of Photographers of Wildlife of Russia – Denis Budkov and Sergey Gorshkov.

Prize-winner in the nomination “Animals in their environment”, author Sergey Gorshkov
Prize-winner in the nomination “Environment”, author Denis Budkov

we publishes several photos of the winners and prize-winners who have been chosen from more than 100 submitted works.

Winner in the nomination “Photographer of the Wildlife Year – 2018”, author Marcel Van Ousten
Winner in the nomination “Creative Look” by Cristoban Serrano
Winner in the nomination “Wildlife Photojournalist”, author Alejandro Prieto
Winner in the Young Photographer: 10 and Younger category Winner in the Young Photographer: 10 and Younger category
Winner in the nomination “Young Photographer”
Winner in the nomination “Urban Wildlife” by Marco Colombo

History from the author:

In 2012, I became the winner of this competition, went to the awards ceremony, which takes place in the ancient Natural History Museum in central London. This is, of course, an unforgettable story.

Right now I am working on preparations for the opening of the final exhibition of another international competition, but already in Russia – the Golden Turtle. This competition is already 12 years old, and I can say that the quality of the work and the composition of the authors are no worse than in London. This year, 1802 authors from 98 countries participated in the competition. The jury was also international and consisted of leading photographers from around the world (6 out of 7 foreigners), which guaranteed impartiality and high quality selection.

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