Winamp will be back in 2019. With the ability to connect third-party subscriptions, podcasts and streaming services

Phoenix rose from the ashes.

Winamp media player will be restarted as a single mobile platform for various services, subscriptions, podcasts and streaming services. The release of the new version is scheduled for 2019, the update will also affect the desktop application. This was reported by TechCrunch, citing a statement from Radionomy, which owns Winamp.

This will be a completely new version. Given the heritage of Winamp, but with the ability to get a richer listening experience. You can listen to not only the MP3s that you have at home, but also what is in the cloud, podcasts, streaming radio stations and playlists you created

Alexander Sabundzhyan
CEO of Radionomy

According to the director general of Radionomy, users want to receive content from different services in one place. In his opinion, Winamp is “the perfect player to give it to them.” The company also wants to extend the experience of a single listening to all devices.

As noted in Techcrunch, despite the fact that Winamp has not received updates since 2013, about 100 million people still use the service every month. Most of them are outside the US, and Radionomy wants to use this audience to create a new mobile-first platform. However, at the same time, the company promised not to forget the desktop version.

Winamp users are everywhere. This is a huge number of people. We have a very strong and important [for us] community. But everyone “knows” that Winamp is dead, that we are no longer working on it. Although this is not the case.

Alexander Sabundzhyan

Within a few weeks, Radionomy is going to release the first official update since 2013 (fans of the player have released several unofficial updates) under the number 5.8. It is aimed at eliminating compatibility issues with new systems and fixing bugs.

However, the really serious update Sabundzhyan promises in version 6.0, which will be released in 2019. According to the director general of Radionomy, the “war” for the desktop version is already “over”, and all content is in iTunes and web services. However, listening to audio on smartphones is “fragmented and uncomfortable,” he said.

In TechCrunch, they questioned the possibility of the existence of the service described by Sabunjian. The editor of the publication Devin Kolduya (Devin Coldewey) noted that it may be much more beneficial for other platforms to remain separate from the rest and worry about their own interests.

In addition, Sabundzhyan refused to disclose which services will be part of the new Winamp or how the application will interact with them. According to him, now there are “many discussions”, but the rights and agreements are not the main difficulty.

Winamp interface

Winamp was created in 1997, and two years later the company was acquired by the Aol holding for $ 80 million. By 2000, Winamp gathered 25 million users. He acquired the status of the legendary player for Windows.

In 2013, it became known that the player will cease to exist. At the same time, the latest official version of the player.

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