Vertu unexpectedly returned and is preparing to show something

Schoolchildren will not understand, but once the main “pontophone” was not the iPhone, but Vertu. Things did not go very well with the firm , and for the past few years nothing was heard about it. Until suddenly, Vertu did not send invitations to the new presentation.

Recipients received letters in “rich” black envelopes with a golden insert – apparently, to remind the forgotten status of Vertu. From the invitation it is completely incomprehensible that we will be shown: there is only the inscription “Made by hand in England.” Given the past of the brand, with high probability it will be a mobile phone.

The presentation will take place tomorrow in China.

Vertu appeared in 1998. Phones of the company, as a rule, are made of expensive materials – platinum, gold, silver, titanium. In the design can be used gems. The cost of one mobile phone sometimes reached hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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