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Twitter sent a series of cipher notifications to users

No one understands what is happening, and the social network promises to fix everything in the near future.


Twitter sent users mobile notifications with a set of letters and numbers. The exact number of customers who received the pushes is unknown, but dozens of people in Russia and English-speaking countries told about this. If you try to follow the notification, it will simply open the Twitter application.


The problem with notifications was confirmed by the head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, who promised that the company would deal with it in the “near future”.

“We also see this problem. We are engaged in her ”
Many users began to joke and suggest what cryptic notifications from the social network might mean.

“Are you following Twitter notifications?” Time to rethink goals in life ”

I: “I am so lonely, nobody writes to me.” Twitter:

“Twitter notifications look like”

“Skynet gains consciousness and mind”

“It glows. And wants to communicate ”

“Oh no, it is trying to find launch codes”

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