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“This terrorist attack, as in Beslan”: the director of the college about the explosion in Kerch

Continued: Investigative Committee re-qualified the case of the explosion in Kerch from the terrorist act to the mass murder .

Olga Grebennikova, director of the Kerch Polytechnic College, called an explosion at an educational institution a terrorist act. According to the director, several people with machine guns burst into the building and started shooting students and teachers. The video with Grebennikova’s conversation over the phone was published on the YouTube channel of the KERCH.COM.RU publication.

They broke in, exactly 5-10 minutes after my departure, someone broke in, flung all the windows – they blew up the hall, ran, then threw some explosive packages, then ran with machine guns, I don’t know what, opened the cabinets, killed everyone could find who came across. This attack, as expected, as in Beslan.

Olga Grebennikova
Director of the Kerch Polytechnic College

The Rosguards confirmed that the incident in college was a terrorist attack using an explosive device. The investigative committee opened a criminal case under Article 205 of the Criminal Code (terrorist act). Putin is aware of what happened and ordered to deliver the needy wounded to hospitals in Moscow. In Crimea, announced a three-day mourning in connection with the terrorist attack .

The college has an armored personnel carrier and the military , which help to ensure security and rake debris. A source at Interfax said that mine injuries and injuries were found in the body of the victims.

October 17 at the Polytechnic College of Kerch (Crimea peninsula), an explosion occurred – 13 people were killed, about 40 were injured. Eyewitnesses told several publications at once that they had heard several explosions and saw people with machine guns who shot students. According to them, one of the suspects is a young man of 20-25 years old with white hair.

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