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The media talked about shooting at Kerch College before the explosion. NAC reported that an explosive device worked

October 17 at the Polytechnic College of Kerch (Crimea peninsula), an explosion occurred . Eyewitnesses in a conversation with “ Kerch FM ”, Mash , the radio station “ Moscow says ” and the TV channel “ 360 ” told about the shooting, which was heard before the incident. The National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC) confirmed that an explosive device had fired at Kerch.

Briefly, what they say eyewitnesses:

  • shooting was heard before the explosion on the first and second floors of the college;
  • there were also people with guns who were pursuing a suspect, presumably of 20-25 years of age;

We waited at the office. Five meters from us there was an explosion that laid ears. The instructors began to run and say that it was a fire. Everyone ran through the fences where they could. When they ran, they heard explosions, shots. It was not a gas cylinder. There were five explosions. The second passed – they shot, seven seconds passed – again.

When they fled, they saw an unconscious girl, all covered in blood. She was in the inner courtyard of the technical school. She lay on her back and barely breathed.

Witness Albina
quote from “Says Moscow” )
  • they threw a bottle with an unknown substance into one of the windows before the explosion;
  • the gunmen were allegedly on the stairs and opened fire on the students on the second floor.

Official information:

  • The National Anti-Terrorism Committee confirmed that an explosive device had fired in Kerch and that “measures are being taken to prevent repeated explosions”;
  • in the Kremlin they know about the terrorist attack and stated that they are considering a version of the terrorist attack in an explosion. Putin expressed deep condolences and ordered the transportation of the injured to the leading Russian clinics if necessary;
  • The investigative committee confirmed 13 dead and about 70 injured in the explosion;
  • the preliminary version, which is called the TASS and RIA Novosti sources in the emergency services, is an explosion of domestic gas;
  • in GUP RK “Krymgazseti” said that the building of the technical school was not connected to the central gas supply system. Presumably, the institution could have its own gas reserves in cylinders;
  • the head of the republic, Sergey Aksyonov, and two deputy ministers of education left for the scene of the incident; the building of the college is being examined by the FSB and the Investigation Committee;
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