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The media drew attention to the CIA’s data on Hitler’s sexual preferences, but the 68-page report talks about something else.

For example, about the character and habits of the Fuhrer.

Adolf Gitler. Photo by Hulton Archive / Getty Images

What report are we talking about, and why are there any questions

Since the 1960s, the US government has gradually declassified data that somehow relates to the Second World War. But by the 1990s, most of the information was still not publicly available.

In this regard, in the United States adopted the “Law on the disclosure of information on war crimes”, after which the “secret” stamp fell from more than 8.5 million pages. According to the CIA, the publication of such data increases public confidence in the authorities.

In October, the media drew attention to the declassified report of December 1943, from which it is clear that American intelligence gathered a detailed dossier on Adolf Hitler – right down to his habits. The author of the document was the anthropologist Henry Field, who introduced him to the US strategic services department.

Most of the information, judging by the report, is obtained from the second and third hands. Sources mentioned a little. One of them, Dr. Sedgwick, which most likely means a close friend and confidant of the Führer Ernst Franz Sedgwick Ganfsttengl, moved to the USA after the 1930s and provided information to US President Franklin Roosevelt.

As the report was noticed by the Russian media

Russian media drew attention to the report after the release of the materials of the British tabloid Daily Mail on October 9 and the Daily Star on October 15. On October 17, RIA “Novosti” was the first in Russia to write about this , after which other domestic publications picked up the information guide.

It is not known exactly when the CIA published the new report: the date of its publication is not indicated on the agency’s website , and the American media have not yet covered this topic.

Revealed intelligence on Hitler has become one of the most frequently encountered topics of the day in the media. However, in almost all cases, the Russian editions focused only on one point of the report – on the intimate preferences of the dictator. With the filing of RIA “News”, many have called him “the report on Hitler’s sexual orientation.” However, 68 published pages tell about other characteristics and aspects of the Nazi leader.

What does the report really say about Hitler’s sexual preferences?

Field pointed out that Hitler’s sex life, like his political views, was “dualistic”: he was supposedly “both homosexual and heterosexual, a socialist and a fiery nationalist, a man and a woman”. The author of the report acknowledged the impossibility to determine the exact diagnosis of Hitler, but noted “the hopelessness of his sexual orientation.”

In general, Hitler was looking for “half mother and half sister.” According to the author, since 1933, the Nazi “also received aesthetic satisfaction from boys and girls in adolescence” (most likely, they are meant to be observed).

Once, Hitler allegedly told Sedgwik that “the audience in the circus is like a woman.” According to Field, the Nazi leader was self-centered, desperate to find the pair he needed and isolated himself, “artificially dramatizing his public life.”

The report refers to the years 1909-1913, when Hitler lived in the men’s hostel on Meldemanstrasse in Vienna. According to Sedgwick, the “hostel” has gained a reputation as a place where older men are looking for young partners for sexual “pleasures”. However, the author doubted that in the Austrian period of his life Hitler entered into homosexual relations. However, the very fact of the Fuehrer’s life in that dormitory, like many other details from the report, is known for a long time.

Hitler allegedly felt sexually attracted to his deputy, Rudolph Hess, and it intensified during his joint incarceration in prison in the 1920s, the report also says.

In 1942, the Nazi leader explained that marriage was not for him: “My only bride is Motherland.” He married Eva Braun three years later, a few days before their suicide.

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. AP Photo

What else is said about Hitler in the intelligence report

Most of the data quoted in the report have already been mentioned by historians. For example, you can read about this in Erich Fromm’s book Anatomy of Human Destructiveness.

  • Hitler did not like school. He left the impression of a poor student without motivation to study. He knew only German and did not listen to foreign radio stations with the exception of programs from Paris and Moscow in German;
  • Hitler wrote a little on his own and did it only by hand – he did not use the typing machine. But for example, he kept notes to the bouquets of flowers that he sent to someone. In preparing for speeches, Hitler wrote down not even theses, but code words;
  • Hitler in 1932 let employees work for 20 hours for weeks;
  • Hitler carefully watched the appearance, but never used parfum. He never took a shot at the public and did not allow anyone to see himself naked. He was also considered obsessed with hygiene;
  • Hitler did not give a meaning to the ugliness of his mustache: “Do not worry about my whiskers. If it is not fashionable now, it will be fashionable later, because I wear them ”;
  • In his youth, Hitler smoked and drank, but later he practically abandoned his bad habits. However, he drank rum during illness;
  • From the moment of the prison sentence, Hitler didn’t sleep well. He went to bed late, as far as possible: his last friends left him in 2-3 nights, largely because he was afraid to be left alone. Sometimes he didn’t sleep until dawn;
  • Hitler was not a fully vegan, but he refrained from eating meat. In rare cases, he ate a small chicken with rice or smoked salmon. If he was all sleeping, he woke up around 9:30. At breakfast he had apples, hot milk or very weak coffee, rolls, butter and marmelade;
  • Hitler preferred to listen to the Gypsy folk songs, raszodii and works of the Hungarian composer Ferenc Liszt. He also admired some etudes performed by Vagner, Verdi, Chopin and Shtraus.
  • Hitler didn’t go to the theater in practice, but he watched movies in his personal movie theater almost every evening. Joseph Goebbels, among other things, kept copies of cartoons for the Führer, which were forbidden to be in Nazi Germany. Hitler liked chronicles and comedies. He “even laughed” over some Jewish comedian. Films about political prisoners, murders and stupas “satisfied his sadistic instincts”;
  • Hitler liked to study the latest news. If someone entered the room with a pile of newspapers, the Fuhrer almost pulled it out of his hands. He also sent off to sleep, taking with him several periodicals. Hitler at some point realized that any information, even the least bit irrelevant, could serve his purposes for some specific time period;
  • Hitler spied on the movement, which became the Nazi salute, at the cheerleaders in American football.
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