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Sundar Pichai confirmed: Google makes a censored search engine for China

Everything hidden is ever revealed. After numerous rumors that Google’s “good corporation” is working to create a censored search engine for China, the head of company Sundar Pichai confirmed this information at the Wired 25 Summit conference . In China, 20% of the world’s population is concentrated; I would not want to miss such a market.

According to Sundar, Google’s mission is to provide information to people. Nevertheless, the company is forced to comply with the laws of all countries in which it operates. And if she wants to work in China, then it is necessary to make concessions and comply with local laws.

The head of Google believes that in this country there are many areas in which the company’s search engine can provide information better than other services do. For example, to provide reliable information about treating cancer instead of fake information that a user can get from another source.

And let there be loud statements from the stage about the importance of access to reliable information, but we all understand perfectly well that the 802 million potential Chinese users for Google services is a too tempting source of advertising revenue. True, the struggle for them will be very difficult, because over the past years since Google’s blocking on the Chinese market, many strong local players have emerged who know the specifics of the local Internet better.

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