Russian Defense Ministry will take advantage of Iridium instead of Russian “messenger”

The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced a closed auction for the provision of Iridium satellite communications services. The contract amount is 3.3 million rubles (about $ 50 thousand), RIA Novosti reports . The agency plans to purchase communications from Iridium until November 30, 2019.

Ivan Moiseev, the scientific director of the Space Policy Institute, said that the choice was dictated by objective reasons. The American satellite network has almost 100% coverage of the Earth’s surface, including both poles, it has very good communication quality and in general has no analogues.

“We have a similar company,“ Gonets, ”but it has very low bandwidth and transmission speed. If the Defense Ministry needs something more expeditious, you will have to order abroad. The system “Iridium” is unique, to some extent they are monopolists,  ”explained the expert.

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