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Report from the past: from “Columbine” to Beslan. Who and when shot in schools

News releases and films about the massacres in schools.

Shooting at the Columbine School USA – 04/20/1999

NBC News Release

ABC News Release

CBS News Release

Film Discovery “Zero hour” in Russian.
Massacre at the Polytechnic School of Montreal – 12/06/1989.

A film about the tragedy.

News release in french.
Murders in Kauhajoki (Finland)

News releases of Finnish TV
Shooting at the Moscow School № 263 – 03.02.2014.

Reporting Russia 24

1 channel direct connection

World 24 on the trial of the case
Hostage-taking in Beslan – 1-3.09.2004.

News releases of “Russia” and “Channel 1” 1.09.2004.

News releases of Channel 1, 1-8.09.2004.

Storm of the school “Channel 1” 3.09.2004g.

Putin’s visit to North Ossetia

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