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Parisian woman received 20 thousand euros, pretending to be the victim of the 2015 terrorist attack. She was sent to prison for two years.

Then over 300 residents of the French capital suffered.

Alexandra Damien (in the background) and her lawyer (in the front). Capital photo

Frenchwoman Alexandra Damien received two years in prison for pretending to be a victim of the 2015 terrorist attack. She deceived the police, received government benefits and financial assistance. In three incidents in Paris, 130 died and 350 people were injured.

The 33-year-old Parisian woman was sentenced to two years in prison, but she would spend six months in jail, after which she could be released on parole. At trial, Damien burst into tears, pleaded guilty and stated that she “fully repented.” The French lawyer added that he considers the verdict “smart and fair,” since the prosecutor requested 18 months of mandatory detention for her without the possibility of going through parole.

In 2015, Damien stated that she was near the Cariyon cafe when he was attacked by terrorists. She joined the Life for Paris victims association and received 20 thousand euros from the Guarantee Fund of Victims of Terrorism (FGTI). As evidence, the Parisian showed a scar on her arm from being hit by a submachine gun; she also took part in a symbolic photo shoot of the victims of the terrorist attack.

Alexandra Damien with a tattoo of the ship – a symbol of the victims of the terrorist attack in Paris
In 2016, several members of the Life for Paris Association contacted the police with suspicions about Damien. They said that the girl was not in the “Kariyona” area on the day of the terrorist attack, but she was giving out interviews and was taking pictures near the cafe with other victims for the next few days. A scar, allegedly received from an automatic machine strike, was in fact an injury from kite surfing.
Alexandra Damien near the cafe on the day after the terrorist attack in Paris. Getty Photos
November 13, 2015 – the date of the largest terrorist attack in the history of France, which is called local September 11. The largest number of injured was in the Bataklan concert hall and at the Stade de France football stadium. As noted by thepublication Capital, Damien – not the first fake victim of the terrorist attack in 2015: 15 other fraudsters were sentenced.
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