“Other Android smartphones are just rubbish”: first reviews on Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL

Journalists criticize the “bangs”, but they praise the screen and the camera of the devices.

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On October 9, Google introduced Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL – new models of the company’s smartphones, which it develops on its own. This time, the focus was again on improving the camera: the appearance and characteristics of the devices have changed only slightly.

Smartphones can not be bought, only pre-order. However, on October 15, the first reviews on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL from the media appeared on the network. Journalists praised Google for working on bugs and focusing on software functions, but were unhappy that the device is difficult to get even in the US, and not all options are available at the start.

The verge

According to Dieter Bohn, editor of the publication, users do not buy smartphones just because they are a look at the future of Google’s market. He believes that people buy a device when they just want a good smartphone – something with a great screen, a great camera and a powerful battery.

And this year, more than ever before, Google has focused on improving all sorts of “phone pieces.” Pixel 3 and 3 XL are excellent smart phones that try to solve almost all the problems that happened to owners of last year’s Pixel.

Dieter bon
The Verge Editor

As Bon noted, from the very beginning Pixel was considered the best Android-based smartphones, but with “asterisks”: Google’s flagships scolded the screen, the display quality and other nuances. “And this year, Google is aiming at the same rating, but without ‘asterisks’,” explained the editor of The Verge.

The journalist compared the cameras of the iPhone XS and Pixel 3 and came to the conclusion that Google’s smartphone is shooting better than its competitors. He also liked the bright screen of the device, “accurately” conveying colors. Among the shortcomings of Pixel 3, The Verge editor listed the large edges at the top and bottom of the display, as well as the scratch-off back cover.

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In Pixel 3 XL, Bon also didn’t like the back of the case and the “bang” on top of the screen. In addition, among the shortcomings of both devices, The Verge editor noted the limited availability in the US and in the world (in Russia, smartphones will not be officially sold).


Charlyn Low from Endgadget also believes that in 2018, Google focused primarily on software innovations. She noted that the main “chips” of the flagship, from camera improvements to the “smart” assistant, are the result of using algorithms.

The question is that if all the best in these smartphones is software updates that even old phones will eventually receive, is there any point in taking new devices for them? The answer, surprisingly, is “yes”, but only if you can live with a giant “bang”.

Charlene Low
Engadget editor

According to Lowe, Pixel 3 and 3 XL are worth it to give extra money compared to the previous generation. However, the journalist advised those who do not like “bangs” to choose the younger version: according to her, the screen sizes are not so different, and the “stuffing” of the devices is almost identical.

Editor Engadget praised the camera flagships, but noted that she did not make such a big leap, as in Pixel 2. The only drawback of devices, the journalist called the unavailability of all functions – you need to wait for system updates.


Gizmodo editor Sam Rutherford had mixed feelings from Pixel 3. On the one hand, he liked the back camera, which “wins over the iPhone XS and Samsung,” but on the other hand, many of the features were unavailable.

As Rutherford noted, the main advantage of Pixel 3 is its orientation towards software, and not towards hardware. However, according to him, this is also the main disadvantage of the device.

This [software-based approach] makes you feel that you are always waiting for the next update to get features like Duplex or Night Sight mode that are not yet available.

Sam Rutherford
gizmodo editor

In addition, the Gizmodo editor believes that the design of the device is still not impressive, even despite the glass back panel. Rutherford also noted that even though the photos on the smartphone are “incredible”, they could be even better if the company was more worried about the hardware.

The journalist compared Google’s approach to the development of Pixel 3 with the Nintendo philosophy – when not the characteristics of the device or stuffing, but the overall user experience are more important. And in this sense, the smartphone “succeeded,” – says Rutherford.


The author from Techradar Matt Swider (Matt Swider) said that the Pixel 3 “the best mobile camera that you can buy today.” He explained that one should not pay attention to the seemingly “weak” characteristics of the optics of a smartphone: thanks to machine learning, the “best” images are obtained.

Snyder noted that the small size of Pixel 3 is a plus, as it can be held with one hand. According to him, 5.5 inches is enough to satisfy “the majority of users in 2018”.

You don’t need a huge, pocket-sized phone to take good photos, you don’t need a dual camera or a fast aperture. Google proves that 12-megapixel photos are getting better thanks to machine learning.

Matt Swyder
editor Techradar

The journalist came to the conclusion that Pixel 3 is an ideal smartphone for those who care about the quality of pictures and who are not happy with them on other smartphones today. In addition, it is cheaper than a comparable competitor iPhone XS, said Sweider.


Matt Honan from BuzzFeed was delighted with Pixel 3. He was impressed with the new screen and camera of the device, however, he considers those that call for not using a smartphone to be one of the best new features.

For example, the Digital Wellbeing feature allows you to control the time of your smartphone, turns the screen gray and turns off notifications. The journalist found this opportunity very useful for himself.

Honan was also amazed at how Android works on Pixel 3. The editor of BuzzFeed noted that he usually uses iPhones and lacks several applications, for example, FaceTime. However, between the new iPhone and Pixel 3, he would choose the latter.

In my opinion, all other Android smartphones are just rubbish.

Matt honan
BuzzFeed editor

The journalist paid special attention to the Pixel 3 screen. He said that he had poor eyesight, but despite this he was comfortable using a smartphone. Also, according to Honan, the Pixel 3 camera works “superbly” in any lighting conditions.

However, the BuzzFeed editor also mentioned device flaws. One of them is the back cover material, which is easily scratched and wear.

The scratches in this picture were intentionally applied, but only after Honan noticed how much she had already worn out. BuzzFeed Photos
The scratches in this picture were intentionally applied, but only after Honan noticed how much she had already worn out. BuzzFeed Photos

In addition, the journalist faced the strange behavior of the antenna. Several times his smartphone switched to a 3G connection, although Honan was sure that LTE was usually catching there. Several times he solved the problem simply by turning the airplane mode on and off.

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