NASA astronaut told what he said in the face of death when he fell on the “Union” to Earth

On October 11, during the launch of the Soyuz rocket with the crew on board at the 119th second of the flight, an accident occurred and the Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft was forced to make an emergency landing. NASA astronaut Nick Haig, who was on the ship with Alexei Ovchinin, explained what it is like to be so close to death in a ship falling to Earth.

“We knew that if we wanted to succeed, we had to stay calm and we had to perform the procedures as smoothly and efficiently as we could,” he told the Associated Press.

Of course, pilots are preparing for such situations, but they always hope that they will never have to use their knowledge in practice.

“ Every time you send yourself into space, and on accelerators, a problem arises at a speed of 1800 meters per second … everything becomes quite dynamic and happens very quickly. All my instincts and reflexes inside the capsule spoke Russian, the astronaut added, adding that in two years of training in Russia, this language was his second.

What does a man say when faced with death face to face at a height of 50 kilometers? “I told her that I was fine, and that was one wild trip, ” concluded Haig. – ‘Union – is an engineering marvel. The emergency system is on every rocket, but for manned flights it has not been used for the last 35 years. But she was always ready, and we proved it last week. ”

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