Medvedev rolled with Volozh on an unmanned Yandex car. And Putin did not

We drove with a tuple: one car in front of the drone, the other – behind.

Arkady Volozh and Dmitry Medvedev. Photo by Yevgeny Razumny, “Vedomosti”

On October 16, in Skolkovo, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev rode a Yandex unmanned car along with the company’s general director Arkady Volozh. This was reported by Tass and Vedomosti .

Volozh premiered around the center where Medvedev spoke at the Discovery of Innovation forum. They took the rear seats, and a Yandex engineer was in the front passenger seat.

During the trip, the unmanned vehicle was accompanied by two cars: one was driving in front of Volozh with Medvedev, the other – from behind. The tuple was provided by the security service of the prime minister.

As Interfax noted , the car started off and disappeared around the bend. A few minutes later, the car with the Prime Minister and the head of Yandex returned to the same place.

Medvedev rolled with Volozhim on the day when Yandex announced an agreement with Skolkovo and the launch of an unmanned taxi in the center in test mode.

For the first time, Yandex publicly showed an unmanned vehicle in September 2017 during the visit of Vladimir Putin. The president looked at how the car made a circle around the company’s yard, but did not sit in its salon itself and after the demonstration went to the Kremlin.

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