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Intel entered into an agreement with Rolls-Royce to develop autonomous ships

Rolls-Royce on its website announced a partnership with Intel. The companies will work on autonomous ships that can sail the seas and oceans without crew on board. The ship will design Rolls-Royce, and Intel will create a navigation and control system for floating drones.

Artificial intelligence will also work on the Intel solution – it is planned to use processors of the Xeon Scalable family. In addition, the ships will install Intel 3D NAND SSD storage: the ship will not be able to unload a large amount of data to the cloud (about a terabyte per day) until it reaches the docks, and the long-haul flight will take several weeks.

The motives for the development of autonomous ships are about the same as those of the developers of self-guided machines and airplanes – reducing the accident rate. It is reported that of the 70% of the wrecks of large ships lately had a human error. If it is removed, the transportation of goods will become safer and safer, and at the same time there will be more space for cargo: you do not need to design cabins and recreation areas for the crew. In this case, a person will still be able to remotely control the ship.

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