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In the Italian city of Lodi, they refused to finance school meals and bus services for children from migrant families

This act was greeted by many Italians as despicable and unworthy, but the Italian Minister of the Interior praised his party members who made this decision.

Italian students burn stuffed animals Matteo Salvini (left) and his coalition partner Luigi Di Mayo from M5S to protest the government’s plans to cut costs. Photo: Alessandro Di Marco / EPA

About 200 children suffered from the controversial new measures in the Italian city of Lodi, a city in the northern region of Lombardy, which is under the control of the far-right party of the League. Matteo Salvini, who is the head of the party, as well as the Minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister, praised the city’s mayor on Monday.

Its end. Mayor succeeded. If there are people who have money, houses or land in their home countries, why should we provide them services for free, while the Italians pay for everything? Enough It is not racism, it is justice and common sense.

Matteo Salvini
Italian Minister of the Interior

Opposition deputies criticized politics as “shameful” and bordering on “apartheid.” This is a new manifestation of an increasingly hostile climate for illegal immigrants in Italy, after the populist coalition banned the merchant ship from landing disembarked refugees in the Italian port.

Sarah Casanova, the mayor of Lodi, signed a decree that migrant parents must submit documents from their countries (of which they are citizens) showing, if any, property, assets, and money they own, in order to be eligible for standard school compensation. food (or food itself). Failure to provide detailed information about assets means that they will be forced to pay the highest rate of 5 euros per child (per meal), and since migrants constitute the poorest segments of the population in the city, many cannot afford it. They will also have to pay 210 euros for each child every quarter for the use of the school bus.

The schoolchildren will return to their former way of life, at least until the end of December, thanks to spontaneous donations ( about 60,000 euros were donated ). This is a very important gesture, because we know that whenever an injustice is created, our country is always ready to respond. The republic is strong, and our values, starting with the constitutional ones, are also strong.

Robert Fico
Chairman of the lower house of the Italian Parliament

Critics have said that migrant families in Lodi work and pay taxes, so they have the right to school meals and transportation. Even if they had assets in their countries of origin, which is unlikely, since most of them run from poverty or conflict or both, it will be difficult to obtain such documentation.

They are asked to provide documents that show that they have no assets, not only by place of birth, but throughout the country. Do they really believe that there are real estate registries in countries such as Burkina Faso and others? This is bureaucratic madness. This decree is racist; they have contributed to the ugly, negative attitude towards foreigners.

Stefano caserini
opposition MP

I urge the city council to reconsider the decision. It is unthinkable to force young children to eat alone, away from their classmates, because their parents cannot pay for it.

Philomena Albano
Italy High Commissioner for Children

I think the strategy is clear: they want to use Italy to blow up the euro, to blow up Europe, to blow up the only project of peace and cohesion.

Maurizio Martina
Italian Democratic Party Secretary

Under the overwhelming criticism, the city council promised to soften the adopted decree a little, but there is no question of any cancellation of it in the near future.

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