In taxi services it was possible to track the movement of drivers. And they, it turns out, did not see the movement of users

But now you can share geolocation with the driver in Yandex.Taxi.

Although tracking the movement of taxi cars on the map long ago appeared in all major taxi order services through an application from a smartphone, the drivers themselves did not see exactly where their customers stand. In “Yandex.Taxi” they said that before that taxi drivers were guided mainly by the address of the car call, which was displayed in their application – or the maximum point indicated on the map beforehand.

However, if the user departed from a point selected on the map — for example, to get closer to the road or bypass a traffic jam — the driver did not see this, because the user’s application did not send geolocation on a regular basis. In the latest update, “Yandex.Taxi” for iOS and Android, the function of permanent geolocation transfer appeared: it is turned on and off manually, as well as at the time of boarding the car (until the next order).

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