In Russia, they invented the iPhone XS with a skeleton watch for $ 7,000

The Russian brand of luxury smartphones Caviar continues to delight connoisseurs of the beautiful. Recently, it was a Samsung smartphone in the form of a kilogram “brick” of gold with a price of $ 58,000. Now it was the turn of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max with embedded mechanical skeleton watches.

The price for Soup is quite democratic – from 450 thousand Russian rubles (just under $ 7 thousand at current exchange rates.) For the version, the design of which use the familiar gold and 399 thousand rubles (about $ 6 thousand.) For the version with titanium housing.. . There is also a “medium” option in which rose gold is used.

“The class of Grand Complications watches is the absolute elite of the watch world, in which the rule applies: the harder, the better!” Think Caviar.

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