Google will charge for Chrome and Google Search on smartphones in Europe

Google has changed the policy of working with manufacturers of mobile devices that are intended for the European market. The US company will charge for the installation of applications that provide access to Google Play, mail and other services of the search corporation. It is noted that they are separate services, and not at all part of Android.

Android will remain open and free, but if the manufacturer wants to include in the applications available immediately after the first turning on the smartphone, for example, the Chrome browser or the integrated Google Search, you will have to pay.

This decision was made after the European Commission fined Google $ 4.4 billion for violating antitrust laws (forcing vendors to install Chrome and the Google Search panel on smartphones).

It is noted that mobile device manufacturers get an additional opportunity to existing ones by offering consumers devices without a search and a Chrome browser (and you need to pay a bribe, the amount of which is unknown).

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