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“Good hacker” Alexey hacked 100 thousand MikroTik routers to protect them

A hacker from Russia named Alexey tried on the image of Robin Hood, hacking, according to ZDNet, more than 100 thousand MikroTik routers. True, his goal was not to obtain confidential information, to set up a botnet or other illegal activities. All Alex wanted was to change the device settings to protect them from outside intrusion.

The sysadmin did not make secrets of his activities, telling about vulnerabilities in the Telegram-channel. In the settings of the routers, he changed the rules for the firewall, prohibiting access to it outside the local network. The man noted that he corrected the settings only for those routers that did not have the April security patch released by the manufacturer.

According to Alexei, those who connected to the channel were often outraged by his actions, but some thanked for the work done.

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