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German Gref: the most in demand on the labor market will be multidisciplinary specialists

© Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA News

The head of Sberbank believes that over time, multidisciplinary specialists will become the most demanded in the labor market. According to him, even the now-needed programmers will be out of work if they do not possess a wide range of skills.

When we try to say that we will now develop the specialties “mathematician” and “programmer”, we will fall exactly into the same trap as we had some time ago with lawyers and economists. All specialties are needed, people of all talents and talents are needed. And we do not need math schools. In my opinion, this is a relic of the past. I am a categorical opponent of the mathematical schools, because the mathematical schools are where people are selected and stuffed with one single subject. So it was in the Soviet Union, and it seems to me that this is not a very good experience. Good mathematical training is important, but children should be developed very evenly, 360 degrees.

German Gref
Head of Sberbank

Gref noted that today Russian employers are not experiencing problems with programmers, while there is a lack of many other professions, since the specialists in these industries are not trained at the proper level.

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