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Facebook started testing reactions and dizlaik on private messages

Facebook started testing reactions in the personal messages of its messenger with the help of emoji, including in the form of likes and dislikes. About this told the reader TechCrunch and confirmed the representative of Facebook. A similar system is used in the corporate Slack messenger.

According to the publication, users can respond to the message with seven options. As in Slack, the Emoji set will be seen by everyone in the chat, which will make it possible to find a complete list of the evaluated one or another entry.

As TechCrunch noted, in fact, the reaction in the messenger differs from the emoji in the Facebook news feed only by the presence of dizlyka. Previously, the company has repeatedly noted that it does not plan to use this button because of the “large amount of negative”. According to the representative of Facebook, dizlaik in personal messages was conceived as an analogue of the word “no.”

As specified in Facebook, the function is currently available only for part of the accounts. With positive feedback, it was promised to be distributed to all users.

We are constantly testing opportunities to make Facebook Messenger more fun and exciting. Now we are conducting a small test, in which people were able to share emoji – the best option to show feelings in the message.

Facebook representative

March 1, it became known that Facebook began work on changing the reaction algorithm, the “weight” of which will cease to be the same.

Facebook finally introduced an extended like with five additional emotions in February 2016. Since then, users can say not only “I like”, but also “love”, as well as laugh, wonder, express sadness or anger.

In July 2015, reactions to messages with the help of numerous emoji appeared in the Slack messenger. In addition, the opportunity to use emoji created within the group.

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