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Facebook oversaw video browsing on the social network by 2.5-10 times, not 1.5-2 times, the new lawsuit against the social network says

And, as it turns out, the company knew about the inflated metrics even a year and a half before she publicly admitted this.

Digital marketing agency Crowd Siren filed a new lawsuit in Oakland, Calif., Against Facebook because of the overestimation of the metrics for watching videos on the social network. After the initial claim of the agency, the company admitted in September 2016 that it overstated the metrics by 60-80%, and stated that it had corrected the situation.

In the new lawsuit Crowd Siren, relying on the studied internal social network documents with a volume of 80 thousand pages, they claim that the views were actually overestimated by 150-900%, and the company knew about it in January 2015, but did nothing about it . According to the plaintiff, if Facebook sharply corrected the values ​​of the indicators, the advertisers would have turned away from the advertising tools of the social network.

The lawsuit also presented claims for compensation for investments spent on advertising: advertisers paid for one number of views, and in fact received a multiple lower result. In addition, the inflated metrics in the video at that time forced the media to pay attention to Facebook as a platform for the effective distribution of content, and to strengthen their actions on the platform – but in fact the videos were not as viral as the internal social network statistics showed.

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