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Blokcheyn Telegram will work in the test mode in the fall

The blockchain platform Telegram Open Network (TON) is 70% ready, RBC reports citing Vedomosti. The launch of the test version of the platform should take place before the end of autumn. It is noted that by now 95% of the TON’s Virtual Machine, necessary for the operation of smart contracts, is ready and tested.

Development of tools for smart contracts completed by 50%. The second component describes the protocols written to create a TON Network, which will be used to transmit transaction requests and new units. Software to confirm the new units is ready for 10%. The third component describes the readiness of the mechanisms themselves for creating new blocks and their validation; it is not ready at all.

TON has been launched since 2017. Pavel Durov intended to enter the ICO, however, with the help of private investors, he collected about $ 1.7 billion and refused to initial placement.

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