Apple suddenly pleased the Russians. 128GB iPhone Xr is very profitable

We have become accustomed to the large range of prices for Apple smartphones. Each version with double the memory capacity is much more expensive than the younger model.

Comparative prices for current smartphones:

• iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB – 59 990 rub. 
• iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB – 72 990 rub.

• iPhone Xs 64 GB – 87 990 rub. 
• iPhone Xs 256 GB – $ 100,990.

• iPhone Xs Max 64 GB – 96,990 rub. 
• iPhone Xs Max 256 GB – 109 990 rub.

It turns out that the average difference between smartphones with memory is 4 times more than 10-15 thousand rubles. Therefore, in order not to go broke, you will have to endure a measly 64 GB.

But at the same time, the day after tomorrow, pre-order for a budget iPhone Xr will open. Check out how much it costs:

• iPhone Xr 64 GB – 64,990 rub. 
• iPhone Xr 128 GB – 68,990 rub.

Here, the difference between the basic models is only 4 thousand rubles.

It turns out that there are all reasons to take a cheap Apple smartphone. And you will not have to endure 64 GB, but you can upgrade to the 128-gig version, while throwing everything up-nothing.

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