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Anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo has reached 30 million requests per day

It took 7 years to reach 10 million searches, less than a year to reach 30 million.

The creators of the search service DuckDuckGo announced that the number of search queries per day exceeded 30 million. They explain these numbers by the fact that more and more people are concerned about the data that large companies use for targeted advertising and direct sales.

The dynamics of search engine popularity is growing exponentially: in the first seven years it reached 10 million requests per day, in two years – 20 million, and reached 30 million in less than a year.

The number of requests is steadily growing at 50% per year, so, in general, the new record is not particularly surprising, but the numbers, of course, are becoming more and more. In general, we grow everywhere, but most actively – in the United States.

Gabriel Weinberg
Founder of DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo, unlike Google, Yahoo and other search engines, does not save query history, IP addresses and other user data. Since 2014, the service earns on advertising, showing it based on the user’s text requests.

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