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18 years old and “cosplay on Columbine”: what is known about the student who organized the explosion in the Kerch college

According to the UK, his name is Vladislav Roslyakov, and he studied at that institution. Users of social networks found his alleged page in “VKontakte”

Vladislav Roslyakov, photo by Mash

October 17 at the Polytechnic College of Kerch (Crimea Peninsula) an explosion occurred with the shooting: 17 people were killed, several dozens more were injured. A few hours after the incident, the Telegram channel Mash published a photo of the alleged suspect – a fair-haired guy who was walking along the corridors of the school with a rifle.

After the photo was published in social networks and Telegram-channels, they suggested that the organizer of the explosion was the 22-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov, who was studying in the same college in his fourth year. According to Mash, a week before the attack, he bought weapons and 150 rounds of ammunition. On September 8, the student received permission to store a 12-caliber rifle, they learned “Izvestia”.

Familiar suspects in a conversation with the radio station “Moscow says” called him withdrawn and remembered that at the time of the explosion he was in college. Another acquaintance of Roslyakov, on condition of anonymity, told RBC that Vladislav “hated the technical school very much because of the evil teachers, hinting that he would take revenge on them”.

I know him, but not very well. Sometimes I talked to him a little, not always. I didn’t know much about him, I don’t even know how he learns. I know that he was in a polytechnic college, communicated normally. He said to me today: “Go to the“ Five ”, take the hawk.” And then this happened. As you know, the attack. He was closed, even strong.

student at Kerch College

Later, representatives of the UK confirmed that the explosion suited Roslyakov, but noted that he was 18 years old, and not 22, as previously reported. His motives are unknown, the NAC suggested that he could have accomplices. The body of Roslyakov was found in the building of the educational institution – after the incident he committed suicide. According to Interfax, they came to Roslyakov’s house with searches in case there are still weapons or explosive devices.

According to “Kommersant”, the suspect from 2015 studied on the budget of the specialty “Installation, commissioning and operation of electrical equipment of industrial and civil buildings.” On October 15 and 16, he was not studying because of his illness. Roslyakov’s fellow students in a conversation with journalists added that he was interested in maniacs.

Based on the picture of the crime, the investigation tentatively believes that this young man shot the people in the college and then committed suicide.

SC statement

In the social networks found two alleged pages Roslyakov in “VKontakte”. The first is not conducted since 2014, it was noticed first. There, user Vlad Roslyakov from Kerch called himself an anarchist and published quotes related to weapons and anti-fascism. VKontakte representatives told that the page was blocked due to hacking by spammers in 2017, and the user had not visited the page since 2014.

Later in social networks began to spread the link to another page – already under the name of Vladislav Reich . In the account status – a quote: “We carry the most dear people to us all the time. Mentally. Inside In heart”. It is not known whether the student who attacked the college was the owner of one of these pages.

Twitter users also noted that the photo of Roslyakov from the college strongly resembles footage from the film and the chronicles of the massacre at the Columbine school in Colorado.

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