10 insanely useful “teams” for Siri. Be sure to try

“Commands” is the most powerful tool that appeared in iOS 12. With it, you can do much more than with the help of Cydia tweaks in golden years.

Even if Apple policy prohibits certain features in the software and the system, no one bothers to implement them through a script. And we regularly choose the best solutions .

Please note: some of the presented commands work only with English for Siri – at least for now.


1. Musical teams: popular , new , random

How to use: add to the widget and just click on the commands from time to time.

These are my favorite teams that I regularly use in my car.

As soon as I start it, the iPhone connects to the media system via Bluetooth, and I can only choose what I want to listen to: new, popular or random.


In the first case, an automatic playlist with music that you recently added is used, in the second – with the one that you regularly listen to, in the latter – a random track from the library starts.

I recommend to make such commands on the widget, so they are easier to use.

Get a quick launch team for popular music (for free)

Get a quick launch team for new music (for free)

Get a quick team to start random music (for free)

2. Repost on Instagram – copy someone else’s post in your feed

How to use: copy the link to the post on Instagram, and then run the command.

A useful team for active Instagram users who (spoiler) very soon plan to become myself.

With it, you can make a repost snapshot of the tape without any identifying marks.


In fact, the script simply saves the image and immediately offers to post it with the same description.

Super chip, if you keep multiple accounts and sometimes let them in the same posts.

Get a quick team (for free)

3. Create a collage – a general image of several separate

How to use: activate the command and select the desired photos.

Now, additional software for creating a collage is not needed.

Just run this command, select the necessary photos and resolution of the collage, and the creaks will do everything for you.


This is the fastest way to create collages that you can find.

The only pity is that there are no specific settings in the script – you can only create standard collages.

Get a quick team (for free)

4. View subscriptions – quickly go to the menu with regular iTunes payments.

How to use: just activate the command.

It seems to me that Apple deliberately hid the menu, which shows all your paid subscriptions, as far as possible.

To enter it, you need to find your account in the App Store, find subscriptions there, enter Apple ID logins and passwords several times, and all this happens for a very long time.


It is much easier to run this script, which immediately takes you to subscriptions.

Yes, you just need to click on the command icon, even passwords do not need to enter.

Get a quick team (for free)

5. Photo Archive – create archive from images and send

How to use: select photos and use the command through the context menu.

If you need to transfer a large number of photos at a time, you can do this with the help of an archive.

Of course, there is additional software that will cope with this better than this command, but even her will be enough for the majority.


The undoubted advantage of this solution is the ability to quickly select the necessary images directly from the system gallery and activate the script from it.

The team will immediately offer to send the archive in any convenient way.

Get a quick team (for free)

6. Make a decision – random answer to any of your questions.

How to use: just activate the command.

We recall the film “Route 60” 2002.

Remember, the main character, who wanted to know the answers, was presented with a ball with them inside?


Now something similar will be in your smartphone.

Just think about the question and activate the team. You will immediately receive a random answer that will help you make a decision.

Get a quick team (for free)

7. Latest beta – writes current test versions of software.

How to use: just activate the command.

If you do not always have time to follow the news about the release of new test versions of Apple operating systems on pages, this script is for you.

With it, you can quickly get the latest information.


The team refers to the site of its creator, who is trying to keep information on it up to date.

We hope he does not get tired of it after a couple of weeks.

Get a quick team (for free)

8. Translate text – translation through Microsoft engine

How to use: copy the text, and then activate the command.

Sometimes it really is convenient to quickly get a translation of the copied text.

This command automatically recognizes the base language and translates the text into Russian.


The translation engine uses Microsoft tools.

In spite of all my skepticism, I dare say: it copes no worse than Google.

Get a quick team (for free)

9. Fast charging – turning off anything and everything superfluous

How to use: just activate the command.

This command is intended for emergency cases. It reduces the screen brightness to a minimum, disables all wireless protocols and puts the iPhone in flight mode.

Half an hour later, she clarifies whether to continue fast charging or you can stop.


Imagine that you drove home for half an hour for lunch, and your smartphone was almost completely discharged. This method will help to get a few cherished% more than with normal charging.

Please note that when using this command you will not be able to call.

Get a quick team (for free)

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10. Download Media – from almost any source

How to use: select the media and use the command through the context menu.

Universal solution for downloading multimedia content.

So far I have not managed to find a single site from which this team could not download music or video.


Of course, the team easily copes with downloading content from YouTube.

You can either download the entire video or download the audio separately.

Get a quick team (for free)

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