Unmanned taxi “Yandex” appeared in Skolkovo. For the first time, you can call it through the application.

This is the second testing zone of an unmanned vehicle.

Unmanned taxi “Yandex” in “Skolkovo”. Photo of the press service of the company

Unmanned taxi “Yandex” in the test mode will work on the territory of the innovation center “Skolkovo” in the Moscow region. As reported in the company’s blog, she signed the agreement on October 16.

In the “Yandex” clarified , on the road in the “Skolkovo” will withdraw two unmanned vehicles. The company plans to increase their number, but the exact dates have not yet been disclosed.

Unlike Innopolis in Tatarstan, where an unmanned vehicle has been tested since August, it will be possible to call it in Skolkovo directly through the Yandex.Taxi application.

To call the unmanned vehicle “Yandex”, you need to open the application “Yandex.Taxi”: the service will determine the user’s location and, if he is located on the territory of the science city, will offer the service of driving a drone along with the usual tariffs.


During the trip, there will be a test engineer in the car monitoring her movement. There are restrictions for customers: you must be a Skolkovo resident over 18 years old and accept the terms of an electronic agreement to participate in testing unmanned vehicles.

Yandex explained that it was testing an unmanned vehicle in Skolkovo to understand how it works in the conditions of the “city of the future”. “We are interested to understand how the drone will work in an environment that is gradually becoming the standard of the urban device,” – said in a blog.

Demonstration of driving unmanned taxi in Skolkovo

The company has been engaged in the technology of unmanned vehicle control since 2016. Yandex’s drone was shown publicly in September 2017, when Vladimir Putin came to the company’s Moscow office. In February 2018, Yandex demonstrated the test of an unmanned taxi on the streets of snow-covered Moscow.

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