The project of the drone from the co-founder of Google entered into a contract with Air New Zealand

Startup Larry Page made an agreement with Air New Zealand. The project is dedicated to the development of an autonomous taxi drone, it is created under the name Cora.

The partnership with the air carrier will help the startup to pass the tests of the regulator and to enlist the support of specialists. It is noted that for five years Air New Zealand has been recognized as the best airline in the world by the resource . She still holds this title. Next come Qantas (Australia) and Singapore Airlines.

Executive Director of Air New Zealand noted that both companies see great potential in aviation as a way to get rid of traffic jams. Also, drones should improve the economy and infrastructure on the planet.

Cora works entirely on electric. He has twelve propellers that allow the drone to accelerate to 177 km / h. The cruising range is about 100 kilometers – it must fly from Minsk to Slutsk .

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