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The US Embassy in Australia accidentally e-mailed invitations with a picture of a cat in pajamas

I had to apologize to everyone, because in reality there was no party with cats and pajamas.

Picture sent by the US Embassy
The US Embassy in Canberra apologized for the “test error” to the recipients of the distribution department. An employee accidentally sent them emails with invitations to a non-existent meeting and a photo of a cat in pajamas and with cookies.

Messages consisted only of the title “Meeting” and pictures of the animal. Kota in a pajama costume Cookies the monster and the name of the cookie Joey: he has a popular instagram account led by Melbourne resident Jennife Stewart.

It is not known how many people received letters. US Embassy official Gavin Sundwall noted that the mistake was made by a new employee who tested the mailing system. Sandvoll also apologized to all those who could not get to the “party with cats and pajamas.”

It is a pity to disappoint all those who hoped to get to the party with cats and pajamas. But such an event goes beyond our remit.

Gavin Sandvoll
Advisor, Public Relations, US Embassy Canberra

Over the error of the embassy staff joked their colleagues from New Zealand.

“We sit in New Zealand and laugh”

PS Joey is already in the know.


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