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Progamer, who left the “sexiest presenter”, resigned from eSports

In the middle of the summer of 2018, 23-year-old Douglas Censor Martin decided to drastically change his life. Then he broke up with his girlfriend – with the “sexiest weather forecast” Janet Garcia, in order to devote all his free time to Call of Duty. Cases in the field of virtual battles were not so hot for him, for Martin his professional career turned out to be more important than love affairs.

However, Martin was not able to return to the category of successful players. He was increasingly sent to the bench, later he tried to go to freelancing, but also unsuccessfully.

He made the last attempt before the release of Black Ops 4, but even here failure was waiting for him: the teams, supposedly ready to accept him, left the gamer before the information became official.

The final chord was performed by Douglas Censor Martin himself, publishing a video in which he announced his retirement.


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