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Nastya Rybka entered the top search queries for Pornhub in Russia

PR worked from Navalny, Deripaska and Roskomnadzor.

On Pornhub, Nastya Rybka, the “girl from the escort services industry”, entered popular searches in Russia and turned out to be involved in the investigation of Navalny and FBK.

If you go to a porn site from a smartphone and click on the search bar, five popular queries will appear – four of them are related to Rybka. PornHub Vice President Cory Price (Corey Price) confirmed this information in a conversation with: over the past three days, users have driven 20,000 times into the search for “Nastya Rybka”.

Popular Searches for Pornhub from Russia

Pornhub shows other search queries if you open a site through a VPN from another country, for example, the Netherlands. Two out of five positions are taken by FakeApp videos with celebrity faces that began to be removed from Pornhub, Imgur and Reddit.

Popular Pornhub Searches from the Netherlands

In the search for the browser version of the porn site does not show popular queries, so there is no mention of Nastya Rybka. If you go to the Russian section, then in related requests there will also be no “girl from escort services”.

Pornhub requests related to the Russian Federation category

turned to Pornhub for comment and a request to provide complete statistics on the requests of “Nastya Rybka” or “Rybka”.

On February 8, the Anti-Corruption Foundation published an investigation into the connections of businessman Oleg Deripaska with Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko, partly based on the book by Nastya Rybka. In the next five days, Roskomnadzor demanded that the media remove the investigation of Navalny, Rybka removed photos from Deripaska and Prikhodko from Instagram, and YouTube and Instagram gave the time until February 14 to remove photos and videos from the investigation.

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