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Microsoft was asked to abandon the struggle for a contract for $ 10 billion due to the “suffering of people”

Microsoft employees wrote an open letter asking the corporation to give up the struggle for a $ 10 billion government contract. The message appeared after Google dropped out of the race at will . The contract will be implemented as part of the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud (JEDI) program, which involves the transfer of Pentagon data to commercial “clouds”.

“We expect that the technologies we are developing will not harm a person or make him suffer,” the message says. The authors also convict the Microsoft leadership in disregard for their own principles in relation to artificial intelligence.

As noted by Gizmodo, the appearance of the letter can be associated with the words of the head of the US Department of Defense, who said that the JEDI program “will significantly increase the department’s lethality.”

Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and some other companies are trying to get a contract now.

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