MegaFon has measured the average speed of the mobile Internet on the iPhone XS in Russia. It is 80% higher than on the iPhone X

At the same time, new-generation iPhones in the operator’s networks are only “several thousand pieces”.

iPhone XS Max and iPhone X

iPhone XS and XS Max appeared in Russia on September 28. Two weeks after the start of sales, MegaFon analyzed how new smartphones are used in the operator’s networks, the company told .

It turned out that the average speed of the mobile Internet on the iPhone XS is 2.5 times higher than the average speeds on all other smartphones in the MegaFon network – 60 Mbit / s against 25 Mbit / s. At the same time, there is a significant gap even from the past generation, iPhone X: on the iPhone XS, the mobile Internet is 80% faster on average.

What is the reason for such a sharp increase in the speed of the mobile Internet, the operator does not say. However, Apple said that the iPhone XS introducedsupport for Gigabit Class LTE technology, which MegaFon put into commercial operation in 2017. In addition, the iPhone XS in Russia supports three frequencies more than the previous generation of iPhones (judging by the table of used LTE frequencies from the company’s website).

However, so far there are few new iPhones in MegaFon networks – according to the company, there are only “a few thousand pieces” (the operator cannot disclose the exact number, as it is an Apple retail partner for iPhone). According to the operator, users are more likely to take the iPhone XS Max: among the new products, the large screen version is 60%, and in the first days, the bias in favor of Max reached 80%.

New iPhones are not at all in the top 8 iPhone models for the whole of September, according to the service, which, thanks to the processing of fiscal data, accounts for 13% of the online cash register market with accurate sales statistics. According to analytics, the most popular smartphone in September was the iPhone SE (it was sold 8.8 thousand units), but it brought only 8% of revenues. At the same time, revenues from iPhone XS and XS Max accounted for 12% of all sales in monetary terms (although they were sold only a few days), and the iPhone X model (25%) brought the most revenue in the structure of revenues from sales of iPhones.

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